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Grooming with Animal Hospital Maple Orchard with Stacy!

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AHMO has grooming for your dogs and cats every need! We work one pet at a time to reduce stress and get your pets home quicker. We offer all styles of grooming, teeth brushing, sedation grooming, and even dye jobs for the pets who enjoy the process.

She Also Offers Cat Grooming:
We do offer grooming for cats! Most cats do not need to be bathed, they are naturally very good at taking care of themselves but there are times when it can be required such as when your cat gets into something they shouldn't, or when they have joint pain, an injury, or are overweight and can not reach themselves, and also long haired cats who need help maintaining their sanity area. There are also times when your cat has a skin condition, fleas, or needs a medicated bath. These situations should be diagnosed by a veterinarian first and appropriate medications, preventions, and shampoos should be prescribed to go along with the grooming.

Hair cutting for cats is not recommended unless medically required. Cats are double coated animals and as such their coat can be permanently damaged by hair cutting, on top of the added stress of a haircut when it is not necessary.

Matted cats will almost always require sedation for the safe removal of the matting. Cat skin is very thin and fragile and we do not recommend you try and cut them out yourself as it is a quick way to earn a vet visit. We want your cat to feel no discomfort, and the removal process can be painful while we get under the matting to remove it so it is better for them if they were sedated and just wake up to a fresh start.

The best way to prevent matting is using a slicker brush and a metal comb down to the skin. If you are not able to maintain your cat's coat then we do offer brushout appointments to get ahead of the matting before they become a problem. Matting is painful and can make movement difficult so we would like to make sure your cat is free of them at all times.

We offer two types of sedation for pets who do not like being groomed. Both will require an appointment at our hospital with one of our wonderful veterinarians to do a wellness check and make sure they are approved for sedation.

Oral Sedation - Oral sedation is medication you give at home, usually the night before and the day of. This sedation is more to relax them and take the edge off. Unfortunately this type of sedation is still risky as animals still bite and force a groom to be stopped midway through. But for some animals it is just enough to calm them down and we can even, in some cases, eventually get them off of the medications once we have fully acclimated them to grooming.

Injectable Sedation - Injectable sedation is an injectable sedative given by the doctor during the groom which will make your pet fall asleep for the grooming process. Due to the nature of a sleeping animal, it is not a type of sedation that allows styled grooms. We always recommend when you have a pet who requires full sedation to be cut short all over to prevent them needing to return very frequently. Injectable sedation animals do not receive a bath as when the pet is sedated they are at higher risk for hypothermia and can aspirate on water if it gets onto their face.

We practice ‘Humanity over Vanity’ and will only break out smaller and less painful matting. We can spot, shave or thin out others when possible but most matted animals will be shaved down. This is the safest and most painless way to help with a matted pet. Matting takes time to form and spread and does not happen over a weekend so when you notice it begin to form, please reach out and we can usually get them in quickly to stop the spread. A matted animal, left unhelped, can have serious medical repercussions on top of the pain.

The best way to prevent matting is using a slicker brush and a metal comb down to the skin. We can show you proper ways to brush out and comb out your pet. If you are not physically able due to you or the pet, we can book them for a bath and brush out appointments more frequently to keep ahead of the problem and allow them to have a full coat. The goal is for a happy and healthy pet.

We offer dye as a premium add on for grooming for dogs only. Your pet will first need to be groomed without it to determine if they enjoy the grooming process as adding the option takes more time so it is only an option for a pet who enjoys the prolonged attention on the grooming table. We always want your pet to have a happy stress free experience!

All dyes used are made for pets and the prices range due to location of application, number of colors used, style, and thickness of coat. This is another reason we would need to meet and work on your pet before even giving a quote for this process.

We also have nail polish as an additional option. Please reach out to the groomer about the colors available.

Cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment or no shows will result in a fee.

To cancel your appointment please call us at (248)851-6645 and speak to reception directly. Cancellations for Monday need to be made before we close on Saturday to avoid a fee. If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment or fail to show up for your appointment time, you will automatically get the fee. You have 1 week to pay the fee, if you fail to pay within that time your future grooming appointments will be removed from the schedule.

*We do not offer hand stripping or carding

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