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Our Mission Statement

Embracing the Joy of Pet Companionship: A Holistic View of the Benefits

Cold Laser Therapy

Financial Options

Librela - The Old Dog Arthritis Medication We Love!

Vet Dentistry

Perineal Urethrostomy For My Cat

Fluid Therapy For Your Cat

Orthopedic Surgery - Maple Orchard Animal Hospital

Ct Scan

Pet Urgent Care

Pet Emergency Blood Work

Digital Dental X-Ray

TPLO Surgery For Dogs & A Torn CCL

Vet Ultrasound

Surgery For My Pet - What To Expect.

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We Are Maple Orchard

West Bloomfield's Vet Clinic

We are veterinary professionals teaching, treating, and caring for our neighborhood's dogs and cats.  Our hospital is located at Maple road and Orchard Lake road in West Bloomfield, MI.  

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Animal Hospital Maple Orchard
5620 W Maple Road
West Bloomfield, MI 48322