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Vet Dentistry

Monday, October 30, 2023

Keeping your pet healthy is our #1 goal.  We work with you to maintain protection against health problems as our pet's age.  This includes their oral health!

Just like you and me, the dog and cat have tarter build up everyday.  Keeping this healthy is hard in veterinary medicine.  We encourage brushing the teeth of your pet's weekly and using products that assist with the overal oral health.  

What is a dental in a dog or cat?

A dental procedure varies compared  to your experience at your dentist.  We must use anesthesia to do dentals in dogs and cats.  This is what makes the procedure more expensive and more invasive due to the nursing care and anesthesia required. 

At Animal Hospital Maple Orchard, we perform veterinary dentals everyday!  This is true for dogs and cats both.  These procedures are performed to maintain oral health and fix problems tooth root abscess, fractured tooth, or oral masses).

How much is a dental at AHMO?

At Animal Hospital Maple Orchard we tailor the dental estimate to each pet depending on their needs. Feel free to call us for an estimate, but if we havent seen your pet before, we will need to schedule them for an oral exam prior. 

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