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Surgery For My Pet - What To Expect.

Wednesday, March 08, 2023

Day of Surgery Expectations

At Animal Hospital Maple Orchard we perform surgery every week day. Here are some things we would like you to know about the surgery and what to expect when you come to us for a procedure.

General guidelines:

1.  The night before we ask that all food and water is taken up after midnight to prevent dogs and cats from getting sick due to the medication we give them before surgery.

2.  We ask that you arrive for the surgery on the day it has been scheduled and leave time for the check in process with our surgery technician; usually about 10-15 minutes.

3.  The time for drop off is between 7:00am and 8:00am. You can also schedule to have your pet dropped off the night before surgery as well.

Please bring your pet's leash and collar or carrier. You can also procide your own cone or surgical suit cover if you prefer. We will need and updated vaccination or medical records if you are new to us.

When checking in with our surgery technician, she will go over all important questions prior to the surgery, such as pre anesthetic bloodwork, vaccines required and CPR. As well as answer any additional questions you may have pertaining to the surgery. 

Please be aware that for most of these procedures your pet will be with us for most of the day to allow adequate time for your loved one to fully awaken from anesthesia before going home. 

Doctors will call after surgery to arrange a pick up time that works best for your pet, but do not hesitate to call and check on them during the day. 

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