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Pet URgent Care

Saturday, April 01, 2023

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At Animal Hospital Maple Orchard we are ready for your urgent pet needs. When the unexpected happens to your dog or cat, the pet friendly staff in West Bloomfield is welcoming, ready, and capable to help with your pet's situation.

The animal hospital is equipped with the most up to date technology to assist in any situation. Whether your dog has an infection, your cat stops eating suddenly, or you need reassurance after a procedure our vet clinic can help.

Call 248-851-6645 
Walk In's Welcome

The equipment needed can be hard to predict depending on the situation. That being said, our hospital is ready with equipment like:

- Ultrasound
- Digital Radiographs
- In house Hematology
- In house Blood Chemistry Machines
- In house Urinalysis & Electronic Microscope
- CT Scan Vimago HDCT
- In House Pharmacy

And much more...

Animal Hospital Maple Orchard performs surgery every working day. These surgeries are routine and emergency veterinary surgeries. We use anesthetic protocols similar to those of the human medical field and keep your patient safe with our veterinary medical choices. If your pet is here today for a pet urgent care walk in then we will be capable of helping; even if surgery is needed.

What should I expect when I come for an urgent care appointment with my pet?

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