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Perineal Urethrostomy For My Cat

Monday, October 30, 2023

The perineal urethrsostomy procedure in cats, AKA a P. U. surgery, is only performed when absolutely necessary.  It follows a problem in cats when they become blocked.  By this we are referring to a urethral obstruction in a male cat who cannot urinate.  

What happens when a cat gets a P. U. ?

Typically, the patient is obstructed when transferred or presenting to Animal Hospital Maple Orchard.  The first steps to help your cat is to unobstruct your cat.  This is done under sedation where a urinary catheter is placed and the bladder is emptied. 

After this initial stabilization and the surgery has been elected by your veterinarian then your patient is prepped for surgery.  This includes imaging and preanesthetic bloodwork.  The urinary catheter is still in place and an IV catheter has been placed.  

What happens during the surgery?

The procedure itself is making a stoma (opening) where the male reproductive system is located and it connects to the urethral mucosa.  This allows for an easy ability to urinate without trouble. 

Need to talk with us?

If you need help with your blocked cat then call us at 248-851-6645

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