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Digital Dental X-Ray

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Digital Dental Radiographs

WSAVA (World Small Animal Veterinarian Association) recommends a dog/ cat patient gets a dental prophylaxis annually starting after 1-2 years of age. Smaller dogs do get advanced periodontal disease faster than bigger dogs due to surface/area ratio. WSAVA also recommends daily brushing.

Interpretation of dental X rays are the standard of care when your veterinarian is performing a dental prophylaxis or COHAT (Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment). Dental x rays allow the veterinarian to identify tooth root abscesses, pulp damage, or other problems with a tooth root. Most importantly, dental x rays also justify whether a tooth needs to be extracted. X rays are very important when assessing your dog’s overall oral health.

Full mouth x rays are recommended to fully assess your dog or cat’s overall oral health.

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