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Emergency Vet
Emergency Vet

We are a full service veterinary hospital that offers everything your pet needs to maintain good health.  Learn about each of our services here:

Ultrasound – Top Quality

The hospital features a top of the line ultrasound machine for a noninvasive way to have imaging done on your pet.  The benefits to ultrasound include, the ability to see internal structures of organ systems while not being dangerous or painful to obtain.  The image is a live feed of the tissue and what is happening inside of it.  With a good ultrasound, you can identify healthy tissue, cancerous and problematic tissue while making measurements to assist in diagnosis’. Learn More here

Companion Animal Therapy Laser + Surgery Laser Cat Treatment 2

We have the leading laser therapy equipment for surgical and therapeutic use.  Clinical studies and real-world use over several decades have proven that laser therapy alleviates pain and inflammation, reduces swelling, stimulates nerve regeneration and cells involved in tissue repair. Learn more about the type we carry here.

Laboratory – In house:

We have the ability to run in house parasite screening, chemistry blood profiles, thyroid profiles, and complete blood counts.  This is very important for you to get answers in the situation that is critical.  We also use an out of house laboratory for maintenance lab work.  This is usually next day delivery for our patients.

High Definition Digital Radiographs.

24 hour vet

We have digital computerized high definition radiographs for your patients needs.  This assists us in the diagnosis of respiratory and cardiology cases as well as orthopedic.  If you have a case that needs films, then our equipment will assist you in the definitive diagnosis you are looking for.

Anesthesia Monitoring EquipmentAnesthesia for my pet

Top quality anesthesia monitoring equipment is a priority at the Animal Hospital Maple Orchard.  Our clients entrust us with their pets for procedures and we don’t let them down due to the advanced equipment that help us.  We are able to track the cardiovascular system, respiratory CO2, blood pressure, internal temperature, and pulse oxygenation.

Orthopedic Surgerysmallheader tplo

We use advanced techniques in cranial cruciate ligament repair – TPLO procedure.  We have elected to upgrade our plate and screws for these cases to an auto-locking plate.  Why does this matter?  These plates are stronger, less likely to have a complication, more durable and better for your patient’s quick recovery.

Electronic Reminders and Medical Records

We have a complete paperless system.  Via – is our medical record keeping software program that helps keep your patient’s record together and easily reachable by your the client and our staff.


We board dogs and cats 365 days a year.  We have staff here who treat your pet like their own.  We board the special patients, including the terminally ill, senior pets, and patients needing medical management (SQ fluids, insulin, etc.).  The boarding facility is not a group boarding facility and is an isolated area for each patient.  The dogs are walked three times daily and the cats are exercised indoors.


We have a professional stylist with experience in the grooming business of over 15 years experience.  Our groomer works through our front desk and can coordinate with their schedule according to the availability.  The current schedule is a meet and greet with the groomer and immediate grooming.  Pick up time is shortly there after – an hour on average.

Kitten habits
Kitten habits
Dr. Timothy Guild
Dr. Timothy Guild