The Orthopedic Plates we use… FIXIN Trauma Plate

The FIXIN ImplantFIXIN is an orthopaedic implant for internal fixation with angular stability. It consists of a steel support, with threaded holes where threaded inserts can be secured. The inserts are externally threaded, to be screwed into the support. The inner hole of the insert is conical to lodge the head of the screw. The support together with the inserts form what we traditionally refer to as the plate. The screw is a self-tapping, self-blocking, screw with angular stability. The screw’s head is conical, corresponding perfectly with the conically shaped hole of the insert. A conical coupling occurs between the head of the screw and the insert.The unique conical screw-plate locking system ensures the distribution of force throughout the structure, eliminating the risk of implant breakage and screws backing out.The patented locking system allows easy locking of the screw in the plate and eliminates the possibility of crossthreading the screw head in the plate.Easy exchange and removal of screws if needed.Simple and intuitive instruments for reduced surgery times.Periosteum is left intact to preserve the vascularisation.Plate thickeness range from 1,2mm to 2mm in the mini series and from 1,5mm to 3mm in the medium series allows a minimally invasive approach. Why the Insert?Traditional locking plates use a threaded screw-plate locking system. TraumaVet screws have

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