Radiographic Vet Fun!

What’s in a radiograph?

Radiographs = x-ray

We have recently updated our radiology here at AHMO.  The animal hospital transitioned to digital radiographs to help be more sensitive with our imaging and more efficient at observing disease.

What species is this…..?

Radiograph Frog
Radiograph Frog


















This is an x-ray of a frog who was eating the stones in the containment tank he was living in. This is a digital radiograph that shows great contrast in basic radiology.  The stones are the white circles in the middle of the image. These stones are in the stomach of the frog. The grey areas on the radiograph show the body of the frog and even some of the bones.

Our New System

Animal Hospital Maple Orchard’s Radiographic unit

AHMO’s digital system now captures images in the computer station above.  This system loads digital radiographs in a few minutes and can be viewed at the computer screen shown.

When do we take radiographs?
The choice to use radiographs as a diagnostic tool is vast.  The most common reason in small animal practice is to view the chest for heart and lung disease or abdominal to view potential causes for vomit or diarrhea.  As you can imagine, we sometimes find more than we bargain for.

Light Bulb

That’s right!  That is a light bulb in the abdomen of Cody, a 10-month-old, 58-pound golden retriever.  Dog’s really do eat anything.

These radiographs are from the 2014 winners of veterinary news competition.  Check it out here –

If you would like to see our new radiology machine please stop by and one of our staff members would love to show you.

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