Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding

Dog boarding at Animal Hospital Maple Orchard in West Bloomfield, MI is a service that our team takes very seriously.  We offer a clean and professional area for your pet to stay while you’re traveling.  We treat each pet as our own.

Your pet’s happiness is our #1 goal while you are away.


please print this before coming.


Why are we different?

  • you do not get charged for walks, treats, or extra toys etc…
  • they all go outside multiple times a day for leash walks to get exercise with our staff
  • we text you photos while you are away to make sure you can check up on your beloved pet (video is coming – stay tuned!)
  • we give medications on time and with ease if you need it
  • there is a veterinarian on call 24 hours a day if something happens while your away
Dog Boarding
Dog Boarding

Call us – 248-851-6645

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5620 West Maple
West Bloomfield, MI 48301


Cat Boarding is offered as well!


Cat Boarding
Cat Boarding