Animal Hospital Maple Orchard



HOURS – Monday – Friday 7 am to 7 pm.  Saturday 8-2. Sunday 11-3
PHONE – 248-851-6645     EMAIL:

Animal Hospital Maple  Orchard is located in West Bloomfield, MI.  It is our mission to provide all types of animals veterinary care.  We focus our services on dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and pocket pets 7 days a week.  Animal Hospital Maple Orchard uses the most innovative and advanced form of veterinary medicine (ultrasound, laser therapy, digital radiology, in house blood work, advanced anesthesia monitoring, and dentistry) to assist in your pet’s needs.

Every weekday at the vet clinic we will perform surgery that includes orthopedic surgery (fracture repair cranial crucaite repair with TPLO) and advanced soft tissue surgery.  We do also have basic surgery routinely done as well (including spay or neuter).  We use the most up to date orthopedic equipment to assist in our surgical plan pre operative in order to successfully achieve the post operative goals we set with the owner.  We typically use the FIXIN plates and screws with our orthopedic repairs due to the added benefits of these advanced plates and screws.

In addition, we see exotic animals here at the clinic which include pocket pets, birds, and reptiles.  Take advantage of our digital radiology, laser therapy, and ultrasound with your pet’s problem, no matter the size.

Dog and Cat Boarding.  Animal Hospital Maple Orchard offers dog and cat baording that has 7 day a week pick up.  We leash walk each individual dog and exercise the cats during their stay here at that clinic.  A doctor is available for problems during your stay for contact with the owner or to check problems that may occur during the stay.  Learn more here.

Dog and Cat Grooming.  Animal Hospital Maple Orchard has a groomer that is here 5 days a week.  She does large dogs, small dogs, and cats.  She works with the veterinary staff to help with each individual grooming appointment.  She will meet with her appointments at drop off to help with continuity of the desired grooming with the owner.  Learn more about her and our grooming here.